Foraging Days

From Field to Plate ....
At The Country Bumpkin we are passionate about wild food and cooking, so for us, each change in season heralds a new and exciting culinary opportunity  - and we try not to miss a single one! The seasons dictate what’s available to the forager, so one day is never the same as the next.

After Meeting at The Country Bumpkin HQ for a quick cup of tea and introductions we are off for the day, depending on the time of year, you could find yourself hauling in Crayfish or Ferreting for Rabbits for the morning. Elevens' will be a quick stop for another cup of tea and a slice of homemade cake to see us through till dinner. After Elevens' we'll prep the haul and get on with some foraging - gathering and identifying some of what mother nature has to offer. We'll stop at midday for something seasonal to eat and drink to keep you going. You could find yourself with a Bunny Burger, Rabbit Stew, Pigeon Bap, Crayfish Roll or maybe something new from the Country Bumpkin Kitchen. Another slice of cake will be on hand as well as yet more tea to wash it down with, the odd Elder flower Cordial or Nettle Beer may make an appearance and Sloe gin is always at hand - for medicinal purposes only of course! After lunch we will carry on with a bit more Foraging in readiness for the cook-up. Throughout the course of the day you’ll also learn a wealth of old poaching methods as they present themselves for explanation. The day culminates in a cook up of all that we’ve gathered throughout the day, back at the Bumpkin Barn and it’s the perfect chance for all you Gordon Ramsay’s or Nigella Lawson’s to get creative or to follow the simple Country Bumpkin recipes. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of a hard earned day in the field.

A very different gift....
If you wish to buy a day as a gift, we will supply you with a voucher and a leaflet for you to present to the lucky recipient on their special day. They can then contact us to arrange a date convenient for them.

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